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We pride ourselves on our product quality and best customer service! It is the only reason that more than 90% of our customers and dealers come to us and rate us so highly! SV August 15th Stationery has 35 years of experience in wholesale and retail business in Hyderabad. We manufacture files, note books, envelopes and registers of finest quality ever. Our portfolio of stationery products covers literally everything an individual needs throughout their lifetime.

SV August 15th Stationery is owned and operated by SV Traders established in 1983. It’s been 35 wonderful years SV Stationery as been fulfilling the needs of all its clients up the mark.

We are the only Importers of all brands products and Wholesalers of best class Stationery Products, We enjoy the benefits of importing quality products and buying in bulk for the supplies to many other stationery dealers, schools, engineering colleges, defense organizations, stationery shops and many corporate offices.

SV August 15th

Stationery & Fine Art Needs

SV August 15th Stationery sells only original stationery products and this keeps us connected with our customers who are looking for the best quality at right price than any other in the market. We have given faithful services to the schools, engineering colleges, defense organizations, stationery shops and many corporate offices. We stand committed to innovation and uncompromised quality.

Your one stop store for latest and best Stationery products- here comes SV August 15th Stationery

Feel, touch and enjoy shopping at SV August 15th Stationery

It’s time to shop the way most Indians do! So, visit SV August 15th Stationery near Gachibowli, Hyderabad and experience the real joy of shopping. Since, we got the world-class products under a roof. Here, you can feel and touch the product before buying them. We all know online stationery shopping may be well convenient, but it never does feel enriching which one can get in SV August 15th Stationery. More of all, we Indians are little different when it comes to shopping Stationery products. We actually love buying products directly that is only after ‘getting a feel of it’ where online shopping fails to satiate our appetite. So, this is main thing which make go store and get that product of our choices. Thus we bring SV Stationery with best class products for those who still love to ‘see-touch-and-feel’ before buying any Stationery products.

Now you can choose online, shop offline

Sounds bit different but, yeah get the best of both worlds. We let you now to choose online and shop offline! Stationery shopping was never been that much exiting for sure. Visit the website, browse through all the product categories available here and get what really catches your fancy as of your need. We are here with a list of hundreds of stationery products for Office, Schools, Colleges, Corporate Offices and Personal accessories too, we are sure that you will stumble upon something that really excites and relish you equally.

This website will definitely help you get an idea about the best class stationery products of leading brands which we provide you and then, you can locate our store to see and feel the product before actually buy it.


To be recognized as the most trusted and innovative premium stationery, gifts and life style brand.


To ensure the sustainability of our trade, deliver high quality products and take our products to the next level.